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Our tutors are passionate, experienced and high-achieving, but most importantly are here to support and mentor you through the wild ride that is high school. Having gone through the system ourselves, we know the tips and tricks to making those scores skyrocket. We’ve been there, done that, and we’re committed to finding fun and engaging methods that are tailored to your learning style.

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Dedicated To Supporting All Students

High-Yield Lectures

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We are proud to present our own series of live weekly lectures covering high-yield content, with fantastic follow-up resources to help consolidate.

Interactive Workshops

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We are excited to be offering live workshops and masterclasses with interactive components to keep you engaged, on-track and motivated.

Courses + Resources

Our passionate team offers complete video courses, topic tests, practice SACs, trial exams and many other resources to disadvantaged students.

Lumos Outreach Programs

Supporting Disadvantaged And Under-Represented Students

Having started our journey by providing free tutoring to disadvantaged students in 2016, our team is dedicated to empowering others through education. We offer free programs and resources to students from a number of under-represented schools and are always looking for other ways to expand and help.

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Our tutors are not only selected for their academic excellence, but also their ability to commit, engage and explain.
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